Mark Pereyra

Photos by My-Linh Lauren

Portrait, Event and Lifestyle Photographer at Focused Journey Media based in San Jose, CA. 

In a world where attention spans are short and schedules are jam-packed, I find myself living life a little too fast. After watching Carl Honore’s TED talk on the art of slowness, I was inspired to not only live more in the moment, but to also capture the memories forever through photography. This is why I’ve dedicated a part of my life to documenting beautiful places and beautiful people.

I specialize in portraiture, lifestyle, and event photography, but I enjoy taking landscapes. It is always a treat when I’m able to get somebody in front of incredible scenery, such as the punk-rock look of a friend behind Multnomah Falls, or someone’s ocean blue hair behind San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge.

I’m always looking to collaborate, feel free to contact me at

Featured in:

Huffington Post

American Airlines